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Hello Dear Prospective Customer.

You should know that we don't build games we don't play games either. :-)

We are dedicated to keeping costs low for our customers. This means 1.) the cost of creating the app and 2.) the ongoing cost of maintaining/improving the app. That is why we use a single code base architecture, to the greatest extent possible. ("single code base" means that there is one set of code for all three mobile platforms - iPhone, Android, and Windows - so that one code edit can change the functionality in all three platforms.)

Hybrid apps and Xamarin apps:

There are two approaches that achieve single code base architecture - hybrid apps and Xamarin coded apps. We use either approach, as appropriate.

The speed and responsiveness of these apps continues to improve and the cost savings in app creation and app maintenance is jaw dropping.

Additionally today's coding frameworks which we use to build these apps, enable us to work very efficiently and pass the savings on to you.

In conclusion:

Whether you have a great consumer app you want built, or an enterprise app for improving efficiencies in-house, we are at your disposal to help you realize your vision.

I'm an independent businessman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am ready to work hard and get your app built with all the bells and whistles. I use a super flexible staffing model and pull in resources as needed to get your app delivered on time.


  • apps are tested on iOS, Android, and Windows hardware as needed, so we have no doubts it will run on your hardware.
  • and I can set up the server with any needed database and/or web services

Mobile Apps Portfolio (click to hide/show)

To see the apps carosel, turn your phone sideways.

For now, it needs a little wider screen.

Xamarin code. This prototype shows our port of the GoGroceries app to the Xamarin framework.
REST web services; MS SQL database back end. We expect to have this in all three app stores, Q2 2018.
Industrial Inspections App - camera, photo-markup, webservices.
We built this enterprise app for engineering firm that does US Steels in-house inspections, Orbital Engineering. We installed it directly onto the company's Windows tablets.
Patient Tracker for Emergency Responders - Driver License scanner, gps, webservices.
Our customer provides this to the Philadelphia Regaional EMS and others Nationally, to track victims from the scene of the incident to the hospital. For Android and iOS.
Home Shopper - camera, GPS. iPhone, Android
This app lets the user log info about houses they are interested in buying, including taking a picture. The app stores the GPS location of the house and displays all, including a Google Map with a pin, in the UI.
Mortgage App - iPhone, Android
This app makes heavy use of webservices. We did this app for a national closing costs company - Timios. They announced the apps release on the Thomson-Reuters tron at Times Square
This app accesses the phone's SMS system to text your business card, or whatever 4 lines of text you want. In Google Play and in iTunes
The data is in the cloud so if Mom has an iPhone and Dad has an Android, and they use the same account, they share the same data. Powerful Home and Store views.
The data is in the cloud so if Mom has an iPhone and Dad has an Android, and they use the same account, they share the same data. Powerful Home and Store views.


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Phil Schuller

I've been a developer and a business owner for ... a long time and have seen alot of trends come and go. I have a distinct knack for picking winners. - code techniques and technologies that improve efficiencies and performance.

Because I am a coder, I can make sure that coders working for me are efficient and working hard - also helping them out if they get stuck.

I want you to know that if you have pdschullerDotCom LLC make your app, you are in good hands.

Thank You
Phil Schuller

I am a Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional.

To verify my certification, click this, or the image, and when the Xamarin page displays, enter my email address in the box: phil@pdschuller.com